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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 3, 2011 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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o 'll veto uleon a anif ntere s. grt ma txpla the l l. u weave our extgrma gue t whola isheery od thawe.eurt uebreang nhos as iisy appe.ha ep i her "haeaenin n a i w."pes car intioerd at hathe inttomf e " hrar w'll io atlkto e omcurt h an wrsonle i s advirrtto rianon prry' i campgn andvi wked wrih hean cn p ony' mphed wed w 200he4 con sete rn. t th. hes co00ecteto bot se r os llegthions mom tsheco te om n.ot in t eant eegnsom j n has m e t onhis. nt n: w ar joid j as me on s.rl r e. w ar oiorme sen r aviso r priden g rge busand foxme newen aso con ibut pren ge us d t a ox godew wekforonuthecain a g w rmpai. no. d thinweek t ovnd ai we e l elyo. to see a thecoek weekv jon:we lytoheee "rmuss ao pl" ek ca out n: yesrday ten"rss afte ptwo ys ofcahisutesay t drbeat of teo mia fs s oriedratf abt the marrament sie algatis indabatedehe w ranot ntrt veuch albyti ended w alletionor t ve retiono ith >>hatnorm .leon the isreon rallit aund theatrm candate th pisnemen ttll ad
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g. ifti sto thorhic ishiishat tav weaw he. jo hetisto ruingic foris atpresen o iouswe. h joe wanttougeplaor bark ous 74%of merintns slaarhis a.untris o theron % ack righ tr o ththon pa t tk . h th basilly, mana t nbers h likehat ha bacall siy, m autoticay de nedrs a ke tpresaent relecbaon.ll ishat gng t tocahappde ts ti? es t i r wroec. tis isnt g m tpp col tn in ti the ro t "ll seet murna abouolthis in heu'reight " s t 74% na heouismeran re pehtle to % nbcayier th inke the cuntr istobcoingih k wr ge c tr no psider has ct er be p deelecd. jon:as sugsts er shobenn for ec ren:blics. ug >>s ho iortsn't. reic >> no priden is er't been reel ted.nopren co umerent en el pd.esidts w coert eft. ha h ette pid w conmerft ntim tha h nuers obate sonr had ar o. imit i nullysba to tnk a d o re blic i wi y beo t pridenobam a it wl reire reic i scipnedampaben prbecaeneam w reesidet oba wi hav ipdpa ca scipned fort o idobwiav unrcut theipd rtoepubcan nomie. unn: rutluickheubn mi
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repu ican r distisftionck th tfiel widy thout toe t e.puanis sf yoonsay t n.el >>t isid no ou toif y t lotoll yoy n .e >>epuisicanhaveo yogone l om, he e 40topu thean0'sve ne erms , of thr40he entssias fr theield msof mforhble th t fie.ntas i frhe remldd yout th or poie tie iniem 11ou othy inheoi t nsesin 1 mocrs, oin 1 we tes mforble th t cr demoaticield 1bill wclinnent on ore to t w moic ld ecti ll.innton w publan e ti far.ore en usia ic ablut tir fid tarn docrare the and arenia a t m efi t ent dsiasrache th d we m migntasnow thi th poine jon:istoesso fmig aw hi ywho inowshe f rl re. jeoa. s jea: csingbe aumen abou to r ge nderjey in je cng the aen ou malauggeer trier if miheael jason' permanalug ctorri cnradmurr .mi l hejan'iserlccus or csing cadrr hecksosdeatyusivi cng him a soatpoweul dug tovielp m a hisleewe d uso haslpeen the sie hi eethe begning he i lve n lass anles.nheie whateoeg weng exp ct i t lay? l an>>s.repoer:enna theate xp torn ts wi? ben the courpooom :th t defnadante
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in out minrneswi e sheme urclosm g trgumeftsnt wi t bingin sminusafte osgumhat.i bn 50 mutesromnu ntelosgt. arguntsegiin t mesm c neos agnst crad rraygus gi is t cccud agt i colundry ay is mansught ocuound in th icaseunf miae jason' deatns iht ounin thsemi009 jathern'at has ieen 22ays o09 stimy soar eras entodawill be2 23.s o im so spad o ovethe coue dall beof s wee3.. spday olosivee ougumes fro s eeth sesill ta ple. ysi me spendrog whyou t k s to inllta pltheourtomtould be a ndwhu shor tr veion ton euldirt aldeong vrsio no o orveknown ow lg hedi ng v ioosing argents oill te.ow l ce ty a in cpletrgtsthenl t th ry w ll ha t ahanc ceeten toth wontplatawhetr or t drncmurr guiy an whetntr oratot het soruld rrr poteiallgo tui jaoran et orat. h sd kn tethll t jakson fily . is hre y gain kn jo jon f ay h cathine yein arving 10jo minus ag a th the 're esidethearng 10 urtrm. nuag th wee de biefe trlato is he as we. thwe hav bn bf herpret toch esry ey ssce hewe thav bn outs unlers thet hav gon e a s spial ent tsornlthavon coemoriospl of m ehael jackn. th e arco morefeopl o mel
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bunessnetwkis iney teof hens ox wh's t testbu osstwall inis a hleyns wh t st ol ? aey wel j've g to? tellou t el hadlis jere seemeo be g congin eryll t veinut hli orso.e embe yes, cine ynder and hatuther. refendums of s,theerdt tle. fe um buofdon' hol yoe brth. t e. cou bckon the bu n' taole.o r it. al ou d ends bheon grtak pre mister iteorgeal d padsndreho grs prmier rgportly gng t pare regn th a ernort g tseallor th a no alitn gornme tha woull lereec crait thegomeha ul re rendec anallra herew re elndtionat t sta o annextear.l that a arenely ion tta o n xtr. at aen i n ppeng ev thoh canetminiers he enev grkho paiame ca buitnis hang ur dgrame mr.apaneouui qui ca ha qrts ar.anu resi but he uia appantly q a wi noto tt. he isiutescheled hapaly a wi ot co tiden votin t ireehed ha paiameuildg beh dcoenot t tomrowee nht pameldeh alrey mombersw nf his own re rty mversturn tir ba ison h.wn
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y thisrnmean theoesba not hve a rt. ri: inarli entis whian es mes he wout ose ta t. te :inli contdenchi meheouse t spard byon hisncall f a rerend. heays e ar grebyis pllple f shld he a rht torend hecides nheirre p futee. sh ha r but ro the res ofdeirtheut eurone tt t annhencemt es ca ase he sho. ro t thnnereem cas ve hngrho th eeceneede anheregr11 llioin ceed bloutnroney ioto but helpay iey bis. the ropenionays lp i u'reotetti biat e monepeuntiyouon t yoyswn re tit to ther hasneeenti au yo rerkab day. toere er ng way to asn unl weaveeabth y. con dence ay vo lat torrow ght wunwee undetand buoninnc th meavoimeatoow te de nd liti l plbu andth joceayinge fo osions andtiplnd isesoc ng coinue ofo co ue jo allight o at snll couryn. f al jo ll itht his ric sou coribuons f alanki it isckincthorlcobus ashlin weber. thrlk yo jegha: gngto st hleb. erseth foryo jeomen w now g d ta at ttle bi abo seor cleawarenithow i n. ta lecoulbi itctuaboyapp in ea rrh lifime? i is t onulit thuaorizp?in ife? isonthiz
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rael test msiletest upinthe el ant st mlest ine tn --nt ant we'lseehat it mns f t -- thnt reon 'let antus m fs wll. th e new inrmatnan on w. miiona e>ewnatn glfrid's ath cmiifornaa. rald rvera wit gheris h late c on oreizar ld rra mystity. te n >>hermarain amesst form stfer >>atrm nowin wos fesr ri errrmtr f ow le ingwoalle ftionri aoutrr xual f hrassnt at le gnle on jo as uts l ve w hal hisss de the stor jo u l w ♪ me, m e, m e...he♪ or gemoreith hone bunc ms of mats m ..♪ gereh 4 nuneitionc graofs cos geth forore ste, nuioraco thore e, moreealt satfactn. t mo wit horey bulthes at oatct moit hobus at loo eve daye'resing morand re ergy.ooveay
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rethengorldeedsor md e en egy.y. whe's igointo ce fr?helddsmen.he i in♪ c♪fr thas wh♪righ♪here inaustlia, chevn isuildgha whone gh thereigge natinal gst a,prectsn thworlevis eldugh wer r a ty t size heofgeingatore gor 5 yearpr.tsthrleh r a tiz ofnge 5ar wt's t gong tdo thplan? turagas thelean t ws nvengoonal tuel ere .than ras hean en alwel e goe to bsmar abt th. t's smarway go. wego bar abth ♪ ♪ s ary o.♪♪ nobo wan to seewearg hearg ai. th's w we de os visie.
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portare r ginowin eve ca jeena: h te isgh whe a rte gisraini ofvecialaidon a je his hradiprog am an i jt ra goofg toal rdad a tis quo di beoguse an rea iy j strk me goto r ote,he tuo mitar bee optean agtrnstme ira is n e, an mar emy thatpt agbuttra n iael shemld nth lea t ldt it. thwhol ilhing shld b sh n leeaby t l thet. unthedolngsh stes band as aleasthe rert.un wh do u ske osd at at coent?re. >>ell twhnko tha o real ts tcot? fin r>>onl a t keyha al int rehich s t aotin of a pele aey nter etint ch ts af contvers aspe a rlly er intempto p t preure nt rs e uned s rtes y d on t mp p re e terniona omm ityun ss on to t take t gher rn snand agnstmmy ke isra doenot t waer to sg t thonehat .arri o the raoeta ostri ane athinsteatran.ri o thhe cano . ri ait wld astn.e than mitari w ttle chaengi but the ul iobabri pll it of lehagiuthe th 're vingn aab pt regofn whicisin tuoil. the ng e areg ic sin maktul.t unrtaiarwhertheyive. s ak ey jsts so ha unheai er uneyed se.tes it. j soahreaning uno ss dot.t tt putspresre o t o ep und ttdoore bouttses o t uan. onna:hy uld usrae com
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oueofuthes .omme s a: dow aeatevom the tratouy isesnd mewe'rstildebanghat ev heat iats why w wh 'r ilerytngba weate se fro the irab y spng w whyow yt wewoulseroeisrab wanto putsphyore pssur onul anyo in hera nt intutnatial e counit >> pur jnnna yon tntt'sti a co gitat jquesaon a ihinkts ts gqueson t ask es ank frany no muc haes tsk chaed fuanamennolly thucha ir'sha nuclr prram. fu enit y sadrs s ges clprm. tw ste foard sndne sep b gk. ere twte fo madrbrea roug b it i no clo ere to amaombea this eekug tha it inolo wasastb we iskha or ll bnexteek. asy,t peoe s culawe porttr me bingsxtk. eo in s laenna with rt tegs inrnatnnal omicnaner th tencynd p plusinatnel icerhat gup cy o p us untres me wit th atunit g stes to lk o aut wh totromeitth abo it ssran to t th a may be wheetg nther tis thpecuaytionbehat thet is s innded to preerure on itts hrd thos ok ained theto tuatn toreaye any ing . sit hallychan d. ahe atirantoas nyg ensch lyanment ogra an eyontieento rk anty at ira it istie not ubs antiay i clos to it bom tnsit wasno
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bsanytiae rently jennos i ooyom tave 3as secos abt th .ytrely we snnnd s omuch tivebout 3 co abisrath stregy. sat a sut t schategi wiut irra?try. if y ould a b tak segtiown ir al qck im. y ldat i b theeyompontsn q mke. ihe it spocesssl rate. m >> thk theit ketragy sss l is s nctites >>thheke sctiora is nctis s ptirticarlys we gonto sio eltionear. tis pit iiclyhard w p iticgoly to ve tl spaon tor.egotte. i intrdthe p endicof t the typaoot . gotiion ll h e toin be e pa.nd he lesse inde tin hto ire pa ssein ira willave sigirsomeing ere ey gomeing t of ndra we lle etigmeg omet nge g ou ofmet.g e bui dot s tatet ha eninouanytfe soo jimwe budo shavet se tou ha in yoytoo pgram n a im lng ve tise. ce t ha yyo wi psama ain, sir l ti >> gd to e b tk.a y winna:hankou. n,n:iroights gto b hat a: fnk. ab t a ht milon hpeop fays ab aafte ailreactorop s owst m.te why itea takgtosoong tost get ey litstackakgnng?to t li >>plusckhe wound bod nake>> anusangg wrom andbo balcy ather keanngoyfrnd'sm calirniaansi. lc thaterre som newfr's
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velolientsian thsi. th myeerioomew deh lo oftsthrebe amyio hau isde smer.f geraoiver hbeeen u eaki wit sthosr. clo t thracaseer h joens uskiitosomiloext. thse joss it. as aome,herere tngs m suosedo do ke, ep o of ese er y r he a. e,re ts sueddo we, i sn't supp, ed" of nee flo insance y he wei 'tpp" nelonsce
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but havet. ed or he che noto he it t ve ohechno hit ♪♪ mei'veot alan. ♪♪ ed huh.. fr whameis yver pl a? n. h..frha ypl i lk li i ha a pn? lliha p not ally [ fele aounc ] oy flooinsunce t verslylood fe anc o foooa frsu broe ure,rs od ll t numr onour reen fofrroe, tumonr en
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11:36 am
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11:37 am
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11:40 am
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11:48 am
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11:49 am
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11:50 am
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12:00 pm
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12:01 pm
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12:13 pm
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12:14 pm
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12:15 pm
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12:16 pm
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12:17 pm
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12:18 pm
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12:19 pm
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12:24 pm
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12:27 pm
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12:28 pm
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12:29 pm
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12:30 pm
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12:34 pm
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12:35 pm
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12:36 pm
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12:37 pm
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12:38 pm
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12:39 pm
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12:40 pm
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12:41 pm
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12:42 pm
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12:43 pm
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12:44 pm
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12:45 pm
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12:46 pm
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12:47 pm
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12:48 pm
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12:50 pm
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12:53 pm
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12:54 pm
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12:55 pm
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